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Tanacross, Alaska, Motorcycle Roadraces

Welcome to the official Tanacross Roadracing homepage! This page is meant to offer a little more information regarding the motorcycle roadracing that takes place in Tanacross, Alaska during the summer, and to give visitors an idea of what goes on.

What Is Tanacross?

The Tanacross Motorcycle Roadraces have been going on since August of 1987, when a few motorcycle enthusiasts got together and set up an experimental race course at an old airport 10 miles out of Tok, Alaska. The event that resulted has gained a virtual cult following from a wide variety of avid motorcyclists.

In the 16 years since the races began, the course has increased to 3.25 miles in length with roughly 40 turns (slalom style with 3 major turns), offering some great photo ops and ample opportunity for knee dragging. Top speeds clocked on the back straight routinely reach 140 mph, often higher, and the standing record for the front straight is 108 mph.

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